Drunken Wrestlers – Exactly how it sounds

Drunken Wrestlers is a very engaging and super fun fighting game created by a 17 year old Russian developer, Oleg Skutte. The game is created as an entry for the recently held Next Castle DevCup Contest for the year 2013. What makes it even more impressive is the fact that the game was made within seven days. As what the title of the game implies, Drunken Wrestlers is a highly addictive fighting game between two literally drunk wrestlers. The game is not referring to the real Drunken Fist Technique but it features two rag dolls who are both moving irregularly and off balance like any drunk people do.

Generally, your main objective in this game to defeat your opponent by knocking it down in the arena. Whoever knocks opponentĀ  five times will win the game. Appearance wise, Drunken Wrestlers is presented in a simple yet engaging 3D atmosphere. It is not really adorned with any lavishly illustrated details but that doesn’t really matter at all because the gameplay itself is addictive enough to give you a nice fighting game experience.

There are two ways to win each round. You can either force the opponent to lose its balance or better yet execute your most impressive trick and inflict critical damage to your enemy. On top of the game’s impressive features, it is also interesting to note that it can also be played by two players using the same keyboard. You can also adjust the goriness and the dismemberment threshold to make your battle more epic and if you think you just had one great fight, you can always hit the replay to watch the previous battle in a very cinematic way. It is one addictive flash game indeed and if you enjoyed this game a lot, then prepare yourself for a stunning sequel which is currently in development. Cheers!

Future of web games

With more and more people owning a mobile device (tablet or smartphone), people often doubt the future of gaming in the browser. More specifically, the future of flash and browser based Unity. Both of these have development tools for creating apps. The big idea is that entertainment will shift more and more to mobile, and that the laptop and desktop will only be used for serious things such as work. Therefore, developers will focus more and more on mobile and not make web games anymore. This might be true in the long term (think 10 or 15 years). But for now, it makes a lot of sense to keep developing games for web as well. They can be used to build up an audience quickly, to try out new ideas, and to promote apps. The latter reason will become more and more important, in my opinion!