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The Fluffy Factory

The title of the game may sounds so sweet and cute but you will be surprised that despite of showcasing a child-friendly theme at the very beginning, the game will prompt you to a very dark, very oppressive and very challenging. It is one twisted game that goes beyond any gamer’s expectations. The Fluffy Factory is generally a game of speed and your main objective is to get the highest score as possible and in order to do so, you must be able to manage your workforce effectively and efficiently and produce fluffy unicorns as many as possible without affecting the productivity of your labors. If you think that you are skillful enough to manage your Fluffy Factory effectively without putting your company into bankruptcy, then feel free to play this game and see how far your skills can take.

No further details were mentioned about the game but the theme is surprisingly shocking and dark. The Fluffy Factory is one twisted game. You are playing the role of a factory that produces fluffy unicorn dolls. However, the workforce you have in your factory is quite painful to watch. Apparently, you are forcing kids to work. The mechanics are very simple yet the player is strongly encouraged to exert the best of his visual reflexes and to show off his impressive eye and hand coordination in order to maximize your company’s survival. It is a game of speed that requires you to express your best clicking skills. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to an eerie factory. There will be a bunch of poor kids working on the sewing machine. As the owner, your job is to observe and to keep the production alive.

In front of you are three items, the lever, the medicine bottle and the whip. Each item has their own purpose and you must know how to use them wisely. The lever is used to eliminate those kids who sadly died during the production. The lever will put them in a bloody grinder. Medicine on the other hand is used to cure those children that are sick while Whip is used to whip kids who are caught sleeping. Although the theme is very dark, the game is surprisingly thrilling and frustratingly challenging. You are already lucky if you have reached 30 seconds in this game. It has a commendable replay value and it offers a decent amount of challenge for the gamers to enjoy! Good luck!

Get On Top

I guess the title of this game is clear enough to tell you the main objective in this simple yet surprisingly addictive action game. Get On Top is a One Button Game that is meant to be played by two players. Like the title connotes, your main objective is to outscore your opponents and be on top of the scorechart. The goal is to be the first one to score 11 in order to win. Gameplay wise, Get On Top will somehow reminds you of OttoOjala’s well acclaimed Wrestle Jump. OttoOjala is the game studio behind other popular single button two player games like Soccer Physics and Tug The Table. Get On Top, however, features a simplified mechanics and environment. Despite being a ripped-off from a much established game like Wrestle Jump, Get On Top is still special on its own right and still good enough to give you the kind of entertainment you want.

The mechanics for this game are very simple and in case you have played the Wrestle Jump, then you should know how this simple game works. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the gamefield. It features two stick man figures holding each other. They are both in a squat position by default. Keep in mind that this is a single button game which means, your character can only be controlled by a single key. There is a specified key on the keyboard assigned for each player. The Player 1 (Left) can move his character by pressing the W key while the Player 2 can manipulate the character’s motion by pressing the Up Arrow key. The goal is to wrestle against each other. Each must constantly hit their designated keys and try their best to push each other. When the player’s head, touches the ground, it will cost his opponent a point. Whoever gets eleven points will win the game.

Appearance wise, Get On Top has nothing really special to offer. It features a plain black screen with repetitive details and sounds. A background could have made the game a lot more alive and engaging but despite the missing details, Get On Top is still entertaining enough to be enjoyed. Some features that we hope to be added aside from the dynamically-changing background are interactive scorecharts, customization option and possibly and level by level game campaign. Overall, Get On Top ‘s two player gameplay is the game’s strongest point that despite of the simplicity, the game has an impressive replay value as the results are often based on the player’s skills and strategy. Have fun!